Wednesday, 22 March 2017

PhoneWeaver makes your phone that little bit smarter

PhoneWeaver makes your phone a bit smarter. The application allows you to control your phone to your profiles on things such as location, time of day and calendar to manage the database. There are a variety of customizable options available, depending on your lifestyle and work habits.

WeaverDefine smart profiles enabled a function of time, food agenda, and location!

The ultimate profile manager! Define smart profiles that are manually or automatically by time, and schedule meetings, electricity and the site allowed!
Each profile can have complete control over the volume of your mobile phone / vibrations, tones, messages, WLAN, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, wallpapers and more. You can even launch applications when a profile is activated!
PhoneWeaver with your phone supports your lifestyle like a smartphone should be!
The new home screen provides instant control of PhoneWeaver widget and phone profiles. Change profile with a single tap, setting up triggers, and make your phone to meet your needs, fast.

PhoneWeaver Features:

From time to time, as I sleep, I’ll e-mail or text message. I’m not sitting too deep on the organization of my room, but my phone is usually standing in a charging station, about 8 inches from my ear. No wonder I sometimes have insomnia! Well, you know late at night when your phone rings, you just have to check it properly? Even if only Twitter to tell you is that you have a new spam-follower, you must always be reviewed at least. Then you remember something, you have to do, and before you know it, you are awake and playing with the phone. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this area, because of this damn e-mail!

Is it time for this review, I got to test PhoneWeaver. Less than a minute or two, so I had to clock 11:30, my phone is off. No sound, nothing. And boy, I slept well that night! PhoneWeaver you can define profiles based on a number of factors, location (so if you’re at work and need the phone to silent, you can put it to vibrate in the pure by the entry of labor induction ), time (I like it, you can go quietly, if you need quiet time!), calendar (if you have a meeting, you can set it to silent when the meeting starts) and made (such as setting your phone to switch GPS, if you in your car). You can find all kinds of profiles, based on these factors.

Bhim App

Profiles can change many settings on your phone, not just the sound. Start the application app, maybe you could open your Gmail account, when you wake up or open the browser when you connect to your choice of car stalls and control is yours. The trial version offers 12 days of grace, it is useful to experiment with the application for him. You can try checking BHIM App which is indian UPI based app.

One thing that made me out applications such as the complex nature of their implementation. Although PhoneWeaver takes a minute or two in the configuration (when do I go to bed usually?) The interface is very easy to use and easy, you’re not left scratching their heads in confusion. Your profile will be created once kick in exactly when you want.

Well, this is not the only application you have to create profiles, in fact, my ROM CM7 an option to do this (I did not notice until now) permits. That’s when I, the complexity of your lifestyle and think maybe your movements come in. The options available in my CM7 ROM profiling feature is extremely limited and not limited to the functionality of approach PhoneWeaver. Therefore, you may need to decide if you need additional functionality. The beauty of the application is that you set it and forget it completely. When you say that a meeting is canceled, PhoneWeaver allows you to manually change profiles and includes an easy switch between profiles widget. It certainly makes the phone feel even smarter! Visit :


According to a lifestyle PhoneWeaver user can be extremely useful. Not to get a good night’s sleep to prevent interrupted an important meeting, the software comes with its own parameters cautious.

Ease of Use:

There are several options available, and set a few different menus, but it is easy to use and understand with simple navigation and notifications.

Often used:

Of course, this app will run happily in the background to ensure that the profile of phones is good for you at this time and place, but if you have a fairly stable routine, you might not need put you physically, once it is established. But it is the type of application is preferably totally invisible to his work as a bot artificial intelligence faithful.


They have standard menus, lists, menus and tabs, it’s not particularly pretty, but it is very easy to understand what a big plus.


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